Since the Covid-19 pandemic, Irish businesses are organising more and more online events to meet the growing demand for education, information and thought leadership. As the world of online events and conferences is increasingly becoming not just a temporary necessity, but a viable future alternative to events, it’s time for us to start looking at the standard and quality of these events.
Your corporate event, whether it’s online or not, is an extension of your brand and just as important as a “live” physical event. There are many ways to add touches of professionalism to your online event and one of those is having an Event Moderator.
The Event Moderator will effectively assume the role of the event manager for the purposes of your online event, allowing you and your speakers to focus on the content and delivery of the event itself, without having to worry about the Q&A, the timings, the panel, the presentations and the event technology.
Just some of the duties of Event Moderators include:
Work with Event Hosts on the Creation, Concept, Planning & Execution of the Event
Having a full understanding of the Purpose of the Event e.g. Format, Timings, Themes
Welcome Attendees and lay out Agenda, Housekeeping, and What to Expect
Introduce Guest Speakers, Background Context and Tie in with the Event Theme
Keep an eye on Timings/Agenda, helping Speakers remain focussed on the agreed Content
Host Panel Discussion if needed, Stimulating Debate and Engagement with the Audience
Research Topics and Content relevant to the Event
Conduct Pre-Event Communication, Questionnaires and/or Information for Attendees
Manage Audience Participation if relevant, facilitating Q&A and Polls
Follow up where necessary to get Event Feedback from Attendees to pass on to the Host
Online Event Moderation is fast becoming the way forward for companies in Ireland who want to bring a level of quality to their online events.
This service is something that is becoming more and more popular with clients, and we at Leigh Gillen Events can help you with your Online Event Planning, Online Event Consulting and Online Event Moderation requirements.
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